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Heinemannova 2695/6
Dejvice, 160 00, Praha 6

tel.: +420 311 662 558
mobil: +420 724 182 221
e-mail: simsa@kdfoundry.cz

CZ - 267 01 Králův Dvůr


Pivotal production program

Production of cast-iron rolls

Production of rolls made of special gray and nodular cast iron is a long-term tradition in Králodvorské železárny. The development and implementation of the production is based on the expertise of German and English producers. According to the customer’s requirements and the acquired production experience, the production has been improved in the area of technology and the introduction of other types of materials that improve the mechanical properties and meet the higher requirements of customers.  

Melting units

Application of the sophisticated technologies is possible thanks to the use of two three-ton induction furnaces and one ten-ton holding furnace. The quality assurance system includes the checks of material quality using the quantometer, metallographic analysis, operational breaking tests, and the measurement of hardness of the rolls.

Quality standards

The rolls produced comply with the standard of KD FOUNDRY Králův Dvůr,s.r.o. prepared according to the materials of roll producers in the Czech Republic and is also based on international standards of roll producers (e.g., the German standard VDG - Merkblatt W 44). Quality standards for shaped castings comply with ČSN and the equivalent European standards.The production technology provides enough space for the production of rolls and castings from sophisticated materials and various designs in the range of rolls, mainly for hot mills, or for the paper and food-processing industry, in the range of shaped castings mainly for technological castings of steel works (ingot moulds and casting accessories), mills and pipe plants. A small range of castings consists of various castings including art and decorative cast iron.

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