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a) Cast-iron rolls made of gray, nodular and special cast iron

Production range of cast-iron rolls

1. Dimensions of cylinders:
Diameter of the roll body D max 800 mm
Length of the roll body L max 2.300 mm
Total length of the roll L max 4.500 mm
Maximum weight of the cast roll (without finish) Gs max cca 13.000 kg
Maximum weight of the finished roll G max cca 8.500 kg

2. Production design of the rolls (according to the technical documentation)

Finished rolls with necks and the body of the roll finished as follows:
Roughened smooth
Roughened (according to the customer’s drawing)
With pre-roughened necks
rough-machined rolls with additives for finishing according to the roughing drawings unrefined rolls without inlet with straight body – only exceptionally after agreement rolls with further special finish (e.g., longitudinal drilling for cooling, drilling for lubrication, etc.)

3.1 Production range of cast-iron rolls structured according to the working layer: 
  • hardened
  • slightly hardened
  • semi-hardened
  • with indefinite hardened layer special  
3.2 Structured according to the shape of the graphite: 
  • With flaky graphite
  • With globular graphite (nodular cast-iron)  
3.3 Structured according to the shape of the necks:
  • With cylindrical bearing part
  • With conic bearing part
  • Without necks Without necks
  • With central opening
3.4 Structured according to the function of the necks: 
  • With two necks made up for driving
  • With one driven neck and the other neck free
  • With both necks free
3.5 Structured according to the thermal processing:
  • Heat-untreated rolls
  • Heat-treated rolls, mainly annealed for removal of internal stresses  
Complete listing of the cast-iron rolls is in the standard of KD FOUNDRY Králův Dvůr, s.r.o..Any specific requirements of the customer concerning the material, heat treatment are expressed in detail and included in the purchase contract.We also supply other cast-iron rolls made of materials according to the customer’s specification, to be used in paper industry, rubber industry and food-processing industry.
Packing and conservation
Each finished roll is effectively equipped, during transport and storage, with a suitable protection against corrosion and mechanical damage. Finished necks and the ground surfaces of the necks are protected with insulation coats. The protection is also combined with protective formwork made of wooden or plywood strips secured with metal band. Upon the customer’s request it is also possible to use special pallets or boxes.
Checking the quality of the rolls and shaped castings
In order to ensure the quality of the rolls and shaped castings according to ISO 9001 the following inter-operation tests are performed during the production::
  • Test of the chemical composition of the metal during meltage
  • Test of the chemical composition of the liquid metal prior to casting – final test
  • Breaking test for the hardened layer
  • Breaking test for graphitization
  • Test to assess the nodulation of the nodular cast iron
  • Test of the chemical composition of the metal during casting – the data is recorded in the documentation of the roll and the shaped castings
  • Sample collection from the roll during machining – metallographic evaluation of the specific hardness of the roll –Equotip hardness tester


Method and provision of the transport are provided according to the customer’s requirements according to INCOTERMS 2000.

Payment and technical terms
Payment and technical terms are part of the purchase contract as per the particular case.

b) Shaped castings made of gray, nodular and special cast irons 

1. Technological castings
2. Commercial castings
3. Art and decorative cast iron

1. Technological castings:
  • Castings for steel works (chills, accessories), mills, pipe and a drawing plants
  • Castings for reconstructions and modernizations
  • Castings for the needs of other industrial production 

2. Commercial castings 
3. Art and decorative cast iron
Art and decorative cast iron has a long tradition. It was produced as an architecturally-art and commercial element for a broad range of applications. This is demonstrated by a number of examples in the historical parts of our towns and cities as well as other practical use of cast-iron elements. Today it is being used more again, it is used significantly abroad. Our effort is to offer the customers the possibility of re-implementation of this element in our towns and cities and other applications.
Examples of products: banister elements, posts, lamp posts, consoles, bars, medicis vases, crosses, relief plates, fireplace doors and frames, benches, grates above tree roots, park wall-mounted fountains.
Benefits: elegance, long life, resistance to corrosion

  • Weight of the shaped castings in all categories is one to 10000 kg.
  • In all shaped castings we can provide models.
  • Surface finish in all categories is based on agreement with the customer.

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